Edubag® is an innovative, cloud-based, integrated MIS, Academic Tracker and Learning Platform. This makes it a far more powerful tool for schools as it enables all users such as students, teachers, support staff, managers, governors and parents to access all the information and learning and teaching tools they need anytime, anywhere on any internet enabled device.
Product Highlights –
  • Cloud based software
  • Collaborative
  • Very simple to use and maintain
Benefits of Edubag


Edubag® Primary has been designed with Primary needs in mind. With bright, fun layouts we engage younger learners to help target individual needs and collaboration. Whilst the MIS side of Edubag® Primary gives teachers, senior management and administrators the tools to aid assessment and operational functions.

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Edubag® Secondary understands how important it is that assessment feeds into teaching to help teachers to tailor learning to individual pupils. Our MIS system tracks pupils’ grades, test performances, reports and any relevant teacher comments to build a comprehensive view of each child and their progress.

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Edubag® Community has been designed as a forum for adult learning and for collaboration between schools and their local communities. Offering the opportunity for adults to improve existing skills or learn new skills to enhance employability. From basic skills such as English and Maths to courses covering Microsoft Word and Excel.

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Edubag® – packing together all the tools you needProduct features